dub5 - Working in a giant brick chimney

The dub5 point of sale went live in February 2016 in a quick serve Asian restaurant called Oodle Noodle in Edmonton, Canada. While this is a big milestone for our startup – our development team is a world away in Hermosillo, Mexico. This means all communication with our first customer has to come on Skype, on Slack or old fashioned emails.

There is nothing better than looking your customers in the eye. If something doesn’t work you need to know as quickly as possible. If a feature needs to be added you don’t want that suggestion to come from an online form. You want it to come in conversation where you can ask questions and find out more detailed information. If something isn’t working correctly you need to know first hand the frustration that causes for customers and understand how important it is that you get things right.

Many people criticize startups that “work in an ivory tower” – unwilling or unable to talk to their customers on a regular basis. In dub5’s early days we want to check on our customers constantly and get maximum feedback to build the best product possible. It won’t always be possible to have that frequency of contact with all our businesses but it is paramount that we do now.

The Chimney Office

dub5 team

Dub5 decided that we needed an office in the middle of as many potential customers as we could find. So we moved to Parque La Ruina – an awesome new food truck park in Hermosillo, Mexico – with 14 food trucks and a bar that have agreed to be beta customers for dub5. Here we will be able to talk to our customers daily and find out if we are doing a good job. Our development team is onsite as all the food trucks join the dub5 network and we are available in person should they have any questions or concerns.

And so the second dub5 customer is the bar at Parque La Ruina. It was important that we could order beer through our point of sale as quickly as possible. Customers 3-17 will be the food trucks a few steps away from our cool summer office.

Bar at Parque la Ruina, Hermosillo, Mexico.

The space that made the most sense to work out of was in a restored brick chimney that was built in the early 1900s to bake linens. It’s crazy to think what this old thing was originally built for and what it is being used for in 2016. Working at the linen factory would have been a great job in those days and the chimney would have been a cutting edge technology that took months to make.

Over a century later we are still making technology over several months and creating great jobs using the same brick chimney. But of course what we are doing could not be more different. It’s a testament to the internet age that a Canadian/Mexican company can house our development team in a 115 year old chimney and build the future of small business technology.

And we have the most dinner choices we could imagine when we are done work at the end of the day with a food truck park only steps away from our office.

And we can confidently claim we are the #1 Chimney based startup in the world.

– Clark Murray
CEO dub5 Inc.