Dub5 and Chopeo: Union makes us strong

In dub5 we take passion in innovation and technology, but above all, in the possibility of being agents of change in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. That is why when we discovered Chopeo, we instantly knew that we had to work together.

Chopeo is the e-commerce platform that was born to provide micro enterprises with solutions that would allow them to sell online, in an easy and accessible way.

Germán Rodríguez, co-founder of Chopeo, explains to us his view of the concept: “Francisco Soto and I had the idea of creating a novel concept to ease online commerce, and also to provide jobs to young values of software development. We noticed that there is a lot of talented people in the medium, but that haven’t had the chance to develop their potential to work because of the limited environments. That’s why in Chopeo we’ve adopted a more relaxed approach, focusing on results, but always giving part to creativity”.

Germán affirms that, by knowing the corporate culture of dub5, he realized they were totally compatible. “We realized that we had much in common with dub5, since, just like us, they take interest in creating a nice work environment for the team, and to help people improve and work contentedly. That is why we’ve decided to merge with dub5”.

With the expertise that dub5 has gathered in technology for points of sale, and the success that Chopeo has had, with more than 1.840.689 different visitors and more than $7.817.653,58 pesos in sales, we know that great things are to come.

A new version of Chopeo will be available very soon, ready to revolutionize the way of making business with Latin America.

What is the future of dub5 and Chopeo? In the words of Germán: “The sky’s the limit”.