Dub5 and Chopeo: Joining forces for local commerce

Since its beginning, dub5 has a very clear goal: Helping local small business owners by increasing revenues and improving their expense controls, by developing a POS (Point of Sale) software that is free and easy to use.

This approach made our acquisition of Mexican e-commerce company Chopeo an excellent fit for dub5.

Chopeo’s creators developed a platform that allows small businesses and individuals to sell their goods online in an easy and affordable way. This opens up vast new markets to their products and allows them to sell items at a very low cost.

The media tends to focus on the exploits of big business: fast growing, publicly traded multi-billion dollar companies dominate the news.

However, did you know that 8 of every 10 jobs in Mexico are generated by small and medium businesses? Yes, that small stationary store around the corner. Your uncle’s grocery store. The car parts store where your dad works. All around the world economies rest on the shoulders of small business.

In dub5, we appreciate the important role that small businesses play in the economic development of every country around the world.

We understand the stresses a small business owner faces in trying to operate a profitable business. That’s why we keep on working hard on creating solutions that will help these businesses to grow year over year.

We have developed unique features that will allow you to promote and sell your goods online, closing sales from your Facebook store, receive electronic payments, and even shipping your products from and to anywhere you wish, with the best shipping rates available on the market.

Starting your own business is probably the hardest thing to do. Paying rent, hiring employees, trying to minimize losses and keeping your business profitable. Trust us, we’ve been there, too.

Years of business experience, collecting successes and overcoming failures, have given us enough knowledge to create solutions that can actually help small business owners to have better control of their companies.

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